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Automata Books in My Library

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I have found these books fascinatingly educational.

Automata - The Golden Age 1848-1914 by Christian Bailly

Baranger: Window Displays in Motion by Daniel, John A.

Figures in the Fourth Dimension: Mechanical Movement for Puppets and Automata by Rixford, Ellen S. Automata & Mechanical Toys: An illustrated History by by Mary Hillier Automata and Mechanical Toys by Rodney Peppé Big Book of Gizmos & Gadgets by Gilsdorf, Wakefield and North Carbaret Mechanical Movement by Gary Alexander & Aidan Onn Making Mad Toys and Mechanical Marvels in Wood by Rodney Frost Making Mechanical Marvels In Wood by Raymond Levy Making Simple Automata by Robert Race Mechanical Toys: How Old Toys Work by Athelstan Spilhaus Rodney Peppe's Moving Toys by Rodney Peppe Wood Automata Tips & Tricks (E-Book) by Ken Schweim

Other Dollmaking With Papier Mache and Paper Clay by Doris Rockwell Gottilly

Fantastic Figures: Ideas & Techniques Using the New Clays by Susanna Oroyan Finishing the Figure by Oroyan, Susanna Sculpting Dolls in Paperclay by McKinley, Robert Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay: Tools and Techniques for Sculpting Realistic Figures by Dewey, Katherine

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